A little something I’ve been working on

A little something I’ve been working on


cplbradley-deactivated20140514 asked: you cheeky bastard you. i get second place then.



cplbradley-deactivated20140514 asked: whos the sexiest musician of them all?

Are you a Minnesotan brony looking for other bronies to hang out with?

Well BronyFest 2013 is the place for you!

BronyFest 2013 is a one day festival celebrating all things My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, right in the heart of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. With games, raffles, contests, a rave dance (featuring music from local brony musicians and a fantastic artist’s alley there is sure to be something to appeal to any brony. 

BronyFest 2013 will be happening on a Saturday in June 2013 from 10am to Midnight. We are still working out the exact location of BronyFest but it will be in the Twin Cities area. We ill be sure to post the event location as soon as possible.


Our Website: http://bronyfest2013.yolasite.com/

Our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Bronyfest2013